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English in Nursing-Midwifery Science and Technology

ISBN: 978-602-8570-28-2
186 Halaman
Ukuran Buku: 19 x 26

English in Nursing-Midwifery Science and Technology is collected and touches for you, nurse and midwife students and others with a professional interest in nursing–midwifery who need to improve their English. The book consists of review grammar and tenses; building medical terminology; nursing care sciences and terminology and adding other sources which are related to the course, including practice of listening, speaking, and dialogue between nurse–midwife and patient. It is assumed that you studied English at secondary school and now you need to revise the language for a variety reasons. You may need to read nursing books, or write to an English-speaking-listening in nursing.

The aim of this book is to teach English especially the terminology in nursing, medical, and midwifery sciences. The book is flexible and can be used in class, on your own, or both. So, if your immediate need is to practice written or speaking English, you can do all the writing and speaking first. Or you may prefer to start with a unit which is of particular interest because of its general medical–nursing term. Indeed, your own knowledge of nursing care will help you at many points.

It is advisable that this book is understood well during the course is running and it will meet your interest and it can help you to achieve a good career opportunities in the present and future. People said “It is better a little than nothing” and “It is better late than nothing”. We realize that this book is not great book. Therefore, I expect your comments and critics in order to be perfect.

Chapter 1 Understanding Terminology and Breaking Down in Health Sciences
Chapter 2 Body Systems Approach
Chapter 3 Nursing Care: Nursing Process Approaches
Appendix 1 Example of Assessment Form 1
Appendix 2 Example of Assessment Form 2
Appendix 3 Nursing Exercises 1
Appendix 4 Nursing Exercises 2


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